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09 Aug

I Want To Buy A Two-wheeler Vehicle. How Should I Proceed?

  • By Editorial Team


 Ajay Kumar is a photographer who recently got a job at a city magazine as a travel writer. Since he has to travel a lot for assignments, he has been thinking of buying a two-wheeler for some time now. He feels a bike not only suits his adventurous and creative personality, but it also a good choice courtesy its affordability, utility, and fuel efficiency. But he is not sure how to go about it. Therefore, to help buyers like Ajay, we have put together a list of guidelines one must follow in order to make the right decision about which bike to buy, where to buy it from and how to buy it.       

Understand Your Purpose - Daily Travel vs. Recreational

Many bike enthusiasts choose a two-wheeler for the purpose of a sweet ride or for professional racing. For them, a conventional bike will not make the cut and therefore, need to invest in a commercial bike with special features, higher power, and greater capability to undergo environmental duress. Recreational two-wheelers can be sports bike or dirt bikes, which require extensive investment and conditioning. 

On the other hand, if you are buying a two-wheeler for daily purposes like commuting to work or for your daily obligations, it is best to choose a vehicle that is sensible rather than impressive to look at. A two-wheeler running on a daily basis requires higher mileage, robust exterior, speed limit, and optimum price range. 

 Do a Quick Survey of the Two-Wheeler Market

  • Physical: 

It is important that you visit stores and showrooms, get a feel and look of the vehicle, and talk to the salesperson about the features as well as other necessary details. Check the space, the size, and functionalities of the vehicle yourself before making any final decisions. The sales and vehicle experts at the showroom will also help you make the right choice as per your requirement.

  • Online: 

Technically, this step should be done before the physical research. You can check the market and the two-wheelers that suit your requirement by keying in your choices and preferences. The advantage of online research is that it is easily available and shows an array of options from where you can choose and decide. You can also read reviews (look for the ones that read genuine) that will save you from making a bad choice. By checking out online, you can gain all the information about the two-wheeler’s specifications and the pricing model. 

  1. Determine Your Budget 

While it may be tempting to stretch your budget and overspend on your prized two-wheeler, it is important to know the requirement and utility of the vehicle. It is also important that you determine your budget before you choose a bike or any two-wheeler of your choice. If the vehicle checks all the boxes of having a great mileage, looks aesthetically pleasing, can be handled by you- the rider and fits your wallet, then there is no reason to move on to the more expensive one. Be sensible. 

  1. Narrow in on Your Bike

If you need to travel to your office, then you do not require a speed-monster. Similarly, for racing, you need something more than a simple mileage two-wheeler. Aside from these obvious differences, narrow down your bike to usability, performance, vitality, robust exterior, predicted longevity, cost, and payment options that suit you.

  1. Go for a Test Drive

Without going on a test drive, it is simply unwise to zero in on the vehicle of your choice. Therefore, before you finalize a two-wheeler of your choice, take it for a spin and see if you are satisfied after riding it. 

  1. Make the Payment - Cash vs. Loan 

Today, buying a two-wheeler does not mean you need to empty your account. You have flexible options like two-wheeler loan to help you course through the hefty payment. Many showrooms and automobile companies have tied up with financial institutions, which make the loan process easier and more transparent. However, if you want, you can always make an upfront payment in cash and own the bike in one go.

 Conclusion (Bring the Bike Home)

Before you zero in on the bike of your choice, make sure you have a clear understanding of the formalities, servicing and other aspects relevant to the vehicle. If you have taken a loan, ensure you have a sufficient amount in your account to make the payment. Take your two-wheeler to regular servicing, keep it guarded against environmental as well as other hazards. Regular servicing will keep it humming at an optimal pace.

Now take your bike for a spin! Moreover, do not forget your helmet!

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