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Used Car Loans

Used Car Loans

Hero FinCorp is a best-in-class provider of Financing Solutions for both certified & non-certified Used Cars.

Eligibility & Documentation


  • Resident Indian with stability of 1 year
  • Age : 18+ years
  • Salaried: Employed for minimum 1 years
  • Business owners: Should be in business for minimum 1 year


  • Identity & address proofs (KYC documents)
  • Valid income proofs/Bank Statement
  • Passport Size Photograph



Used Car Loans starting from INR 0.5 Lac to 50 Lac, available for all car brands.


Loan to Value of up to 175% of second hand car loan.


Hero FinCorp Pre-owned Car Loan is available in over 240 cities across India.


Quick Approval with tenure up to 5 years and competitive Used Car Interest Rates.



  • Hero FinCorp is a best-in-class provider of financing solutions for your NEW used car.

  • We finance both certified and non-certified cars of any make, model or variant.

  • Our loan products are available for Salaried, Self-employed individuals and business owners.

  • We have range of used car products :

  • Used Car Loan

  • Balance transfer of Car Loan

  • Loan Against Car



  • Quick and hassle-free approvals

  • Easy Documentation

  • Flexible Terms

  • Prompt Customer Service

  • Flexible Repayment Options

  • Low & Attractive Rate of Interest

  • Doorstep Service - Stay at Home, Get Finance

  • Attractive pricing for past or existing Hero FinCorp customers

  • *Terms & Conditions Apply


  • Are you planning to buy your NEW used car? Then Hero FinCorp's Used Car Loans are your best choice.

  • We offer a wide range of cost-effective used car loan options, for both certified and non-certified cars. Our financing solutions feature multiple repayment options (PDC, NACH, ECS, etc.), flexible tenures and attractive interest rates.

  • We begin by understanding your financial needs, and then offer solutions best suited for your requirement.



  • At Hero FinCorp, we believe in providing prompt service and building strong & lasting relationships.

  • Our goal is to help you achieve all your dreams and aspirations

  • Take advantage of our low introductory interest rates and fantastic customer service.



Do you have a car and looking for a personal loan ? And do you need cash for your business or looking for more liquidity? Loan Against Car can help solve all these problems!

  • Cheaper than a personal / business loan

  • It involves lesser documentation hence lesser hassle

  • Easy and Quick Approval

  • Higher LTV (Up to 175%)

For further details and to know your eligibility amount, get in touch with us at 1800-102-4145

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    Q1. What is the eligibility criteria for availing of a used car loan from Hero FinCorp?

    Eligibility for a used car loan from Hero FinCorp depends upon an individual’s credit appraisal and past financial history, all loans are given at the sole discretion of the company.

    Q2. What are the minimum and maximum used car loan amounts?

    We provide loans from INR 0.5 lac to 50 lacs, the amount depends upon the age and condition of the vehicle along with the buyer’s repayment capacity.

    Q3. What are the used car loan tenure options?

    A minimum of 1 year and up to 5 years, while it depends upon the age and condition of the vehicle.

    Q4. What should be the minimum age of a Salaried Individual applying for Used Car Loan?

    The minimum age of applicant should be not less than 18 years.

    Q5. How long will it take to get a loan?

    Your loan takes about 24 to 48 hours depending upon the documents submitted and subsequent verification.

    Q6. What is repayment schedule?

    Repayment schedule provides outstanding principal after realization of each EMI along with the amount that needs to be paid during each EMI, with due dates and breakup.

    Q7. What documents are required to change my communication/ mailing address?

    A self-attested copy of any of the KYC document as mentioned in the Eligibility & Documentation section on the website. You can e-mail us the documents at or walk in to any of our branches along with your KYC documents.

    Q8. How do I change my contact details/ phone number?

    You need to call our call center helpline. Once your request has been taken it would be updated in our system.

    Q9. I am an existing customer; can I apply for another loan?

    Yes, you can apply for another loan but the approval will be based on your eligibility criteria.

    Q10. I have repaid my loan successfully. Can I get finance now?

    Depending upon your re-payment of previous loan you can be eligible for a special scheme.

    Q11. Do I have the option of prepaying my loan?

    Yes, you can foreclose depending on the terms in your loan agreement.

    Q12. How much time will it take for my second hand car loan to be approved?

    Our extensive network of branches at various locations, speedy and simple documentation process and the capability of our executive to take quick, smart decisions make sure that the process of obtaining a second hand car loan is quick and hassle-free.

    Q13. Which cars can be financed for Used Car Loans?

    We finance almost all cars as long as their ownership history is clear and they fully comply with Indian laws pertaining to personal vehicles.

    Q14. Can I change my loan amount /tenure after disbursal?

    No, changes to loan amount or tenure of loan cannot be made after the disbursal of the loan.

    Q15. Can I get a top up loan?

    Yes, you can get a top loan after payment of 10 regular EMI’s.

    Q16.What is down payment or margin money?

    It is the intial amount you need to pay at the dealership/ to the seller. It is the difference between the on road price and the approved loan amount.

    Q17. Do I need a guarantor/co-applicant for used car loan?

    No, you do not need one. But in case your income fails to meet our eligibility criteria you can club the income of your father/mother/spouse with your income by making them a co-applicant.

    Q18. What is the NOC Process?

    After the repayment of the loan, you will receive a NOC from our side which will help you remove the hypothecation of Hero FinCorp from your RC.

    Q19. How can I change the mode of repayment/ account for my loan?

    You can change the mode of payment by getting in touch with the customer care at or by calling 1800-102-4145

    Q20. What will be done with the post dated cheques if I request to change the mode of repayment/ account for my loan?

    You can write to us for getting them back at after giving Post dated cheques for the new mode of payment.

    Q21. How do I obtain a NOC from the Hero Fincorp if my Registration Certificate is mutilated and I wish to apply for a duplicate Registration Certificate book for a vehicle under finance with Hero Fincorp?

    You can write to us at or call 1800-102-4145 for receiving a duplicate copy.

    Q22. Is Hero Fincorp responsible for delivery of the vehicle?

    No, Hero FinCorp shall not be responsible for delivery of the vehicle for which the loan has been availed. The Borrower shall be responsible for delay, non-delivery, or any defect, damage or quality of the Vehicle. The Hero FinCorp shall not be responsible or liable if there is any defect or dispute of any nature in the title (even if it is found to be a stolen Vehicle) or ownership of the Vehicle and the Borrower shall independently satisfy itself in this regard.

    Q23. Do I have the option to make a bounced EMI payment?

    Yes, you can pay them through the multiple payment options available on our website or through the executive assigned to you.

    Q24. Will I be able to get finance if I am buying from a relative or Friend?

    Yes, you are eligible for finance in this case.

    Q25. What if my question not listed here?

    You can send in your queries at

    Q26. Is there any security/ collateral required for this loan?

    No, the car is hypothecated to Hero FinCorp, and after the repayment, the hypothecation can be removed.

    Avail finance for used cars easily from us for both certified and non-certified cars. As one of the leading lenders, we offer second hand car loans starting from INR 0.5 lac to INR 50 lac for all car brands, and flexible tenures that goes up to 5 years. The loan-to-value ratio or LTV can go up to 175% and the approval happens usually in less than 48 hours. Our used car loan interest rates are low and attractive, and the repayment options are flexible too. Other advantages include easy documentation, doorstep service, quick approvals, efficient customer service, and branches in over 240 Indian cities. Existing or past customers of Hero FinCorp can also expect more attractive used car finance rates. To be eligible for used car loans, you need to be an Indian resident above 18 years. If you are salaried, you should have been employed for minimum 1 year . And if you own a business, you should have at least 1 year experience in the same. For documentation, you need to submit valid income proofs, KYC documents and passport size photographs. So fill the form above and get your dream four-wheeler today!

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