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21 Aug
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Scope of India’s medical industry

Healthcare is a booming industry in India that is growing at a brisk pace. From bigger hospitals to smaller clinics; from diagnostic centres and labs to medical practitioners; all contribute in making healthcare one of the largest sectors both in terms of revenue and employment generation.

Also, quality medical equipment is essential for all medical practitioners. From oxygen cylinders, surgical tools, MRI, ECG, dental X-ray machines, to wheelchairs, cotton wipes, gauze, sample containers, a doctor needs a variety of equipment according to different specializations and size of the set-up. So, when a doctor needs instant funding to buy or replenish this costly inventory, or to expand his/her practice, doctor loans are the ideal choice.

What are doctor loans?

As the name suggests, it is a type of professional loan tailor-made only for medical practitioners. Meant to help doctors, and improve their accuracy of diagnosis or expand the scale of their operations, these types of loans are usually collateral-free where funding is released instantly. But there are other categories that fall under its ambit. 

What are different types of loans that can be offered under doctor loans?

  1. Business Loans: It is for doctors who wish to start their own clinic, or expand the existing one. Doctors can also seek this loan if they wish to make the clinic more technologically advanced or simply to maintain a positive cash flow.

  2. Medical Equipment financing: Medical equipment or devices are getting costlier by the day and to buy them, one needs to shell out a lot of money. A medical equipment loan can help you buy the essential paraphernalia. In this case, the equipment itself is treated as the collateral.

  1. Loan against property: Much like business loans, it helps in establishing a new set-up or enhancing an existing one. The norm is that about 60 per cent of the property’s market value is sanctioned and since it’s a secured loan, the loan approval comes quickly with minimal documentation requirement.

  2. Home loans: Since doctor loans are more flexible than conventional mortgages, lenders don’t stress too much on down payments. It is a great option for doctors with debt or little savings. 

  3. Personal loans: These loans help the doctors meet personal expenses like a wedding, a vacation or further studies.

Features of doctor loans 

  • Meets your personal and professional needs: It can be used for business-related investments like buying specialized equipment for the clinic or for a more a personal reason, like enrolling in a short-term course overseas.

  • Offers higher loan amounts: Compared to conventional personal or business loans, doctor loans offer a higher loan amount. However, the amount differs from one doctor to another as there are other parameters that are considered before deciding the amount. 

  • Minimal documentation: Since doctor loans are custom-made for each applicant, sometimes you just need to provide your educational qualification and work experience certificates to get the loan approved.

  • Quick approvals and disbursals: Because of online processes and easy documentation, approvals move quickly and loans are disbursed instantly.

Why should you opt for Doctor Loans ?

  1. Meet the needs for your clinic/ diagnostic lab/hospital - As mentioned earlier, any doctor, clinic, hospital or diagnostic centre needs the most advanced equipment to accurately diagnose diseases and conduct treatments. This loan can help you meet that need.

  2. Maintain inventory stock for day to day needs - Apart from sophisticated equipment for MRI, X-Rays, and CAT Scans, there is a regular requirement of gloves, gowns, cotton, syringes, gauze, sample containers, etc. The loan can help in maintaining the inventory stock for daily requirements.

  3. Get instant loan for doctors based on your profile - Since the loans are given as soon as possible without asking for too many documents, it’s a boon for those who need instant funding. 

  4. Right equipment improves accuracy for patient care and speeds up diagnosis- This loan can help you provide the right treatment for your patient through latest machines, with least chances of error. Also, with this loan, you can purchase the latest devices that can quickly and accurately diagnose diseases, so that treatment can happen on time.

  5. Stay a step ahead with new technology: You can take this loan to stay ahead of competition with the latest technological advancements like Doppler machines, dental chairs, robotic systems etc.

  1. Offer superior treatment with latest machines – Buying the latest machines with a doctor loan can help you provide better and more effective treatment to your patients, which will show results in a shorter time.

  2. Identify new areas to set up clinics/hospitals/labs - Once a clinic or hospital has the right and the latest equipment, it can consider expansion and use the loan to set up a new facility in a new area without running into debt. A doctor loan can meet all your expansion needs from building a new clinic, hospital to buying new machines and enhanced equipments.

  3. Get complete support for your clinic/hospital – Besides using the loan for physical expansion of a clinic or the purchase of new equipment, doctors can use the loan to meeting expenses like hiring and training new staff as well as paying salaries. Hence, all the working capital needs can be also be met by doctor loans.

As a medical professional, if you are looking to buy the latest medical equipment and planning to expand your business, then going for a doctor loan would be a better option compared to conventional loans. With flexibility regarding collateral and documentation process and a fast disbursement policy, it’s the best bet for doctors looking for quick funding.


Did You Know


The act of paying out money for any kind of transaction is known as disbursement. From a lending perspective this usual implies the transfer of the loan amount to the borrower. It may cover paying to operate a business, dividend payments, cash outflow etc. So if disbursements are more than revenues, then cash flow of an entity is negative, and may indicate possible insolvency.

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