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Cars have, over the years, become a necessity and thus, everyone wants to own a car but many don’t have the budget to fulfil this desire.  However, if buyers are willing to tweak their choice from a brand new car to a fully functional pre-owned car, they can easily drive home their favourite four-wheeler. Pre-owned cars are affordable, have a lower depreciation and insurance rate, and are considered good value for money and that’s why the ever-expanding market of pre-owned cars is giving tough competition to the new car market today. But one of the most significant reasons why the trend of buying used cars is getting popular is the easy availability of Pre-Owned Car Loan. Several financial institutions dole out attractive offers to lure customers. But just like it is important to choose the right car for your family, it is equally important to pick the right lender who understands your requirements and compulsions. 

Hero FinCorp's Pre-Owned Car Loan has managed to win many hearts as it simplifies the whole process for the customer in a transparent manner while offering the best interest rates. Here’s more on why you should choose Hero FinCorp's Pre-Owned Car Loan.

Why choose Hero FinCorp Pre-Owned Car Loan?

  • Easy documentation:

The process of documentation is a cakewalk. All you need is to keep all your KYC documents such as address proof, ID proof, age proof, car valuation report, registration and insurance papers, ready. Since the loan is meant for both salaried and business owners, salary slips and bank statements act as your income proofs. Please carry recently-clicked passport size photographs as well.

  • Quick and Hassle-free approval

Hero FinCorp has become a favourite in the market because the approval rate is quite high. The eligibility criteria is not so harsh. If the applicant is an Indian resident above 18 years of age, has a steady source of income, and has a decent credit history, he/she is most likely to get the loan. Hero FinCorp sanction loans for both certified and non-certified cars of different models. The whole process from application to disbursal of loan is done in a hassle-free manner.  

  • Low and attractive interest rates:

We offer a low and attractive rate of interest and on top of that, if you are an existing Hero FinCorp customer or have been in the past, you get amazing offers and special discounts.

  • Cost effective repayment options

Our financial experts understand the financial situation of the applicants and suggest them different repayment schemes. There is an array of proposals with flexible tenures and attractive interest rates, and applicants can choose what suits them the best. We have multiple repayment options like PDC, NACH, ECS, etc. and attach great value to the customer’s convenience.

  • Flexible and negotiable terms and conditions:

To reiterate, from interest rate to loan tenure and from the mode of payment to the loan amount, everything is negotiable. We aim to develop long-lasting relationships and the loan is sanctioned only when both the parties are happy on the same page.  

  • Doorstep customer service:

Functioning in sync with Digital India, the whole loan process can be completed online from the comfort of your couch. We send our professionals to your home to get the formalities done and there is no need for the client to visit the branch and stand in a queue. Similarly, throughout the span of the loan, we are just a call away to clear any doubts and resolve any issues.

 Now there's no need to travel in crowded buses or spend your hard-earned money on hailing cabs as with a Pre-owned car loan, you can experience both safety and comfort in your own four-wheeler. We, at Hero FinCorp, are happy to offer customized schemes according to your financial position and requirements. We are a loved brand and are quite proud of the fact that our low-interest rates, quick loan approvals, prompt customer service, and other benefits have helped our clients achieve their goals.

Did You Know


The act of paying out money for any kind of transaction is known as disbursement. From a lending perspective this usual implies the transfer of the loan amount to the borrower. It may cover paying to operate a business, dividend payments, cash outflow etc. So if disbursements are more than revenues, then cash flow of an entity is negative, and may indicate possible insolvency.

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