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30 Sep
  • Editorial Team

How to decide the best motorcycle to purchase?

Among the few things that promise pleasure, freedom and thrill in life, a personal motorcycle definitely features high on this list. It not only makes going places easy, but also lets you experience the joy of riding against the wind, come rain or sunshine. But with so many options available in the market, picking the perfect bike can be a daunting task. And remember, what is perfect for your friend, may not be right for you. Choosing a motorcycle largely depends upon your budget, preference in styling, power, mileage sought, maintenance costs, physical dimensions of the bikeand so on. So before you finalize your purchase, here's what you should know.    

Firstly, it is important to learn about the different types of motorcycles.

  1. Cruisers: These are relatively larger and heavier bikes, featuring a laidback riding position along with a lower seat height. These are great on open roads and highways, but cumbersome in city confines as they aren't as easy to maneuver. It's not the most optimal choice especially for beginners.

  2. Sport bikes: These are high performance bikes, capable of reaching high speeds. They are usually light weight and come equipped with powerful engines. These are only recommended if you've been riding for a few years as controlling them requires skill and practice.

  3. Touring: As the name suggests, touring motorcycles are designed and built to travel long distances. They tend to have larger engines and can run on a highway all day long. One can further enhance their capabilities by adding accessories such as luggage racks, GPS, etc.

  4. Dual Sport: Dual sportor dirt bikes come with small capacity high-powered engines and are light in weight as well. They have higher ground clearance and all-terrain tyres. They are a great choice for the outdoors and can be used on well paved city streets as well.

  5. Standard or Commuter Bikes:The most common and popular type of bikes. These offer a comfortable ride, an upright seating position and are ideal for those who want to use everyday commuting. These are the preferred choice of millions, and are a great option for those who're just starting their foray into biking.

Other key aspects of a motorcycle that you should keep in mind are:


Power or Efficiency: Bigger engines are high on power but fair poorly in terms of efficiency, and the reverse is true as well. The size of the engine is measured in cubic centimeters or CC. One should choose a bike based on their monthly running and usage pattern. Long distance commuters should pick the more efficient options, whereas the occasional rider can go in for higher powered versions.


Seat height and weight: Seat height is extremely important. You need to ensure that the height of your motorcycle's seat is suitable for your body type. With both your feet firmly touching the ground while being stationery and the experience should be comfortable while in motion. It's highly recommended to visit a dealer and try multiple bikes and seat height settings (if available), so as to choose the most comfortable one. Secondly, the weight of the bike is equally important. Heavier bikes are more suitable for highway riding and a lightweight bike is ideal for daily use inside city limits.


Used or New: If you are a beginner and only learning to ride, a used bike will be a good idea. If you have extra money to burn, you may buy a new bike. If you are learning, you might also have a few falls, so it is recommended to go for a used bike. A used bike will prepare you for a brand new bike, which you can purchase in the future. A new bike also has its advantages, such as brand new machinery and components, warranty and the pride of buying a new vehicle among others.


Maintenance: Maintenance and up keep costs, will be less initially but would increase with age and usage. These costs would also dependupon the type of motorcycle. Typically the usual maintenance interval ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers. This would include regular items such as oil changes, chain maintenance, etc. and a few periodic replacements such as chain/ hose/ liner replacements, etc. The bigger ticket items are usually required after about 3 years of usage for most users. These charges tend to be low for standard or commuter bikes and are higher for other types of motorcycles. Maintenance costs for standard bikes will be lower when compared to cruisers or sports bikes. One should consider maintenance costs before making a purchase, as they have a linkage with resale values. Hero bikes have a higher resale values, as they are fuel efficient and cost very little to maintain.


Accessories: When purchasing a bike, it is important to look at the cost of accessories which are integral to the riding experience. For starters, you will need a helmet (+lock), leg guards, seat/ steering cover, etc. One should choose reputed brands for these accessories and select carefully.


Resale Value:Bikes with greater demand have a higher resale value. If you intend to keep the bike for a long time, then this doesn't matter much. If however, you plan to sell your bike in a year or two then buying a bike with a higher resale is recommended.


Bike Finance: One of the most important factors is the cost. If you are looking for a long term investment in the bike, you need to ensure that it suits your needs and comes at the right cost. Financing a bike purchase is extremely easy with the help of new age lenders.Lenders like Hero FinCorp are adept at ensuring your loan is quickly processed with minimal documentation, so that you can have the keys to your dream bike within day or two. Many financiers offer loans amounting to 80% of the bike amount, thus reducing the amount of your investment. The tenure could be as long as three years, thus reducing your EMI as well. In addition, Hero FinCorp, with its friendly customer service, helps you with quick processing as well as gives you reminders about the EMIs. The financing process is easy and quite simple with basic documents only.


Before choosing your bike, it is advisable for you to visit the dealership and try the one that fits your budget and personal preferences. A test ride should be undertaken so that you get to know your machine before the purchase. Hero bikes come at reasonable price, are known to last long while asking for very low maintenance costs. They have stylish designs and are ideal for everyday use.


Finally, when it comes to motorcycles, go for the one which gives you the most riding pleasure. After all isn't 'the pursuit of happiness' why we do it all! Have a smooth ride!

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