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10 Dec

Hero Fincorp Annual Conference 2019 - First Green Conference

  • By Editorial Team


Since its inception in 1991, Hero FinCorp has come a long way indeed, as a non-banking financial company that offers a wide array of loans for personal and commercial requirements. Our vision is to finance the dreams of all Indians and help them achieve their goals with ease. We believe that our flexible and affordable lending structure can ensure financial inclusion for the masses and take the country forward. And our annual conferences give us and our stakeholders the opportunity to assess our yearly progress along this path. This year’s conference, however, was a special one indeed.

Our first ever Green Annual Conference in 2019 has been a unique milestone in Hero FinCorp’s journey as it marked all the eco-friendly initiatives we have pledged to follow. Held in the beautiful city of Jaipur, this 6th Annual Conference was driven by “Go Green” and sustainability goals and witnessed the implementation of ideas that can contribute towards environmental protection. As a progressive lending institution, Hero FinCorp not only believes in empowering India’s masses through flexible and affordable credit cycles. It also aims to impact the earth positively and thereby benefit the society in the most holistic manner possible.

Annual Conference 2019


The chief idea behind hosting a Green Annual Conference 2019 was that, Hero FinCorp believes in protecting the environment and has pledged to do its share by reducing pollution and carbon footprint, and using methods and materials that are green.


Highlights -

CEO Speak

At the first ever Green Conference, Mr. Abhimanyu Munjal, the CEO of Hero FinCorp, shared his thoughts on the importance of a sustainable environment for the future generation’s health and wellbeing. His dream is inspired by the vision of Shri BML Munjal, Chairman Emeritus of Hero FinCorp, who believed in building businesses that do not just benefit stakeholders, but also add value to the community at large.

As Mr. Abhimanyu Munjal believes in responsible lending, at Hero FinCorp, we aim to go beyond simply offering credit to private individuals, professionals and businesses of all sizes. In other words, Hero FinCorp cares for the environment and is ready to implement all necessary measures to ensure a sustainable future for all. This is the reason why the Green Annual Conference 2019 was a mega event, as we pledged to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Save the Choking Earth Competition

Hero FinCorp believes that the real hero is someone who cares for the greater good and can sincerely pledge to go green and reduce pollution. So, this unique competition held on 15th September, post the Green Annual Conference 2019, invited attendees to share their pledges for contributing to a green earth and solving the pollution problem. The idea was to reward the best pledge that would garner the maximum engagement on social media platforms. The contest received impressive response and was a thoughtful way of encouraging people to step forward and be an eco-warrior!

Champions Squad

As a financial institution that thinks different and considers employees to be its chief assets, Hero FinCorp constantly encourages Champions who walk the extra mile to promote the company’s growth. At the Annual Conference 2019, many deserving Champions were rewarded by Hero FinCorp leaders for going beyond the call of duty to achieve success.

Hero’s Got Talent

At Hero FinCorp, we do more than provide employees with a rewarding career path. We also motivate them to nurture and express their inner talents, and offer them a platform to engage in lively co-curricular activities. Our green conference was one such platform where our employees impressed the audience with excellent dance, song and acting performances.

IVY League

Hero FinCorp’s Flagship Talent Management Program or IVY League aims to nurture future leaders and give employees the scope to grow professionally and personally. During the Green Annual Conference 2019, apart from promoting environmental sustainability, we conducted a prestigious graduation ceremony for the IVY League 2018-19 batch. The next batch was inducted and warmly welcomed too. We hope that this talent management program will encourage promising employees to give their best every time and make our organization a bigger success.



All in all, the conference hosted by Hero FinCorp in the pink city of Jaipur was a tremendous success and has paved the way for other industry leaders to “Go Green” and do the needful, to tackle issues such as global warming, pollution and declining health quality.

This event’s “Save the Choking Earth” message was immensely impactful as we witnessed many attendees pledge to create a better world for the future generation and contribute to environmental sustainability. We believe that our green conference will inspire more businesses to adopt operations that don’t just ensure profitability, but the “greater good” as well.

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