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12 Sep

7 Tips To Maintain Your Two-wheeler In Excellent Condition

  • By Editorial Team



Some ride bikes for commuting, some do it simply for recreation. However, irrespective of the purpose, one must always take care of his/her two-wheeler. A well-maintained motorcycle will be more efficient and give consistent high-quality performance. It is also safer to ride. So, here are a few bike maintenance tips to help you ensure that you enjoy a glitch-free ride.

  • Follow the Bike Manual

Everyone gets a manual along with the bike that lists information about every component of your two-wheeler and how to operate and take care of the same. As a bike owner, it is necessary to go through this manual. The manual introduces you to every part of your bike and its maintenance schedule. It gives you maintenance suggestions on oil type, service procedures, etc. It is important that you read the manual thoroughly and follow the instructions.

  • Regularly Change Engine Oil

A smooth or a bumpy ride depends on the engine oil. Checking your engine oil on a regular basis is extremely crucial because the oil not only lubricates but also keeps the engine cool as the heat generated during the combustion process can lead to wear and tear of the engine parts. While dirty oil will reduce the capacity of fuel consumption and the engine’s life, if the acidity of the oil rises, it will cause internal corrosion. Along with the quality and quantity of the engine oil, always check for any possible oil leakages. The presence of carbon deposits can thicken the oil that may create a drag in the movement of engine internals. Thus, it is important to keep a check on your engine oil.

  • Maintain Air Pressure in Tyres

Along with checking the tyre condition, keep the tyres at the right pressure level as recommended by the manufacturer. When bikes run on low tyre pressure, they give you a low fuel economy. You can get it checked at any gas station or do it yourself with a reliable gauge on a weekly basis. Also, do not forget to replace your bike tyres as suggested in the manual or by the service centre.

  • Keep Air Filters Clean

There is no dearth of dust on Indian roads and that is why air filters of your bike get clogged. It is necessary to keep the air filters clean at all times if you want good efficiency and get them changed at recommended intervals.

  • Lubricate the Chain Links

The two-wheeler’s chain needs regular lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment. You can apply paraffin to clean the chain. You should use a piece of cloth and a soft brush to clean instead of washing the chain with water as it could rust the chain links. For lubrication, you can use engine oil. Make sure your bike’s chain has the proper tension and free play, as any variation will not power the rear wheel smoothly.

  • Take Care of the Brakes

Hitting the brake at the right time can save you from fatal injuries. So, keep both the brakes holding the tyre properly spaced with brakes being neither too tight nor too loose. With time, the brake pads wear out and you have to replace them if the screeching sound persists. Another vital part is checking the brake fluid. Top up the brake fluid once in few months.

  • Regularly Service Your Bike

A bike service is like a health check-up where everything from the clutch to the battery is inspected. Once examined, some parts are either replaced or repaired to reinstate the optimum outcome. Weather plays a big role in the performance of your bike. Both extreme heat and cold or flooded roads can be detrimental to not just the efficiency of the bikes but the condition of the bike parts. For the sake of smooth functioning, long life, and your own safety, take your bike to the service centre for regular checks. Regular servicing also reduces the chances of any mechanical issue.


A properly maintained two-wheeler is a rider’s delight as it guarantees a safe, reliable and comfortable commute. Also, if you ever feel like selling it, it will fetch you good resale value. While you must clean the bike often to keep it shiny, the above-mentioned points will help you keep it functioning smoothly. A motorcycle says a lot about its rider, so make sure that your bike is putting in a good word for you!

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