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10 Mar
  • Editorial Team

What does it take to make a champion? Hard work, dedication, skill, knowledge, ambition and luck. The key ingredient however is team work. When we come together as a team, complement each other's skillset, and work towards a common goal can we achieve true success!

As with any team, each player has his/her strengths and weaknesses, and that's where the magic lies. When we compete against someone better, it helps us become better. When we interact with someone who's new and still learning the job, we become better at ours. This spirit of Team Work was very clearly visible at Hero FinCorp's Togetherness Fest 2017.

At Hero FinCorp, we aren't just a team. We are a family. A family that invests in each other's success and happiness. A family which forms our circle of strength. As a result of this approach the fest is not an employee's only event, instead it's a true family event as we every Hero FinCorp employee brings along their family members as well. Spouses, children and parents, all come together to enjoy a day filled with fun, games and great food. All of us put our smartphones aside and tried to make real world connections with each other.

This was the third edition of our sports/family day, which was held on March 04, 2017 at Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi Sports Complex in New Delhi. It was an amazing sight, each participating member had a dual role, they had to make their 'official' team's proud and shine in front of the next generation which was looking up to them. Co-workers temporarily turned into rival teammates that brought out a wonderful competitive spirit in each participant. And, in the game immediately after, they were shuffled into the same team with rivalry turning into revelry.

It is this 'People Connect', which forms the underlying philosophy of Hero FinCorp's Togetherness Fest. The sports and games, help in bringing out the best in everyone. Our busy schedules have made us forget the fun we had while playing gully cricket, local foot ball matches... or how we would practice hard for school relay races. The fest not only aimed to remind teammates about happy past memories, but it also helped in forming stronger bonds while participating in our most loved game or sport.

There was a fairly large amount of behind the scenes effort which helped in making the daylong event a success. The fest is organized 'for the people, by the people' and many employees volunteered in the planning and management of end-to-end activities, which were handled with the same high standards with which we serve our customers. Two teams were formed - the Game Rules Formation Committee which framed the guidelines, rules and ensured fair play during the matches. The other was the Team Formation Committee, which ensured fair participation from every department.

Here's a look at all that happened during this year's Togetherness Fest:

The fest started with 12 teams identified from across the country. The fun began before the actual event as many players met over weekends for practice sessions. All excuses of 'not having time' turned into making time for doing the things everyone loved. It created a deeper stronger bond between teammates and the high level of excitement was very evident.

Competition intensified at each level, initial winners participated in 5 regional level events held at Jaipur, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and New Delhi. The break or recess times were full of conversations pertaining to the awards and prizes on offer. The team which would win the half-yearly championship title would get a company sponsored domestic trip worth INR 1.5 Lacs, and the annual champions squad team would get a company sponsored domestic trip worth INR 3 Lacs.

The cricket match had some nail biting moments and a beautiful finish. The audience was equally excited shouting their favourite team's name every time the batsman scored a 4 or 6. The Chess finale saw our finalists show some moves that made us feel we were watching a Kasparov v/s Anand! The regional winners of relay races had a neck to neck race. In a true spirit of Togetherness, each team was applauded for the amazing performance they put in. The most fun and laughter filled game was Tug of War. The pulls, pushes and tumbles were hugely amusing for participants and onlookers.

Not to be left behind, family members of Hero FinCorp employees also had a good time. Children had the Alchemist Show, 3D painting, spin art and a tattoo artist customizing ink to pint sized demands. Women enjoyed some pampering with nail art, mehindi and Tambola.

The glamour quotient of the day went up with the Family Fashion show which saw a perfect mix of style and substance. All in all, everyone went home with a smile. And that made us all winners.

The Fest is a clear reflection of a message we firmly believe in: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together". Looking forward to the next meet...

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