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17 Mar
  • Editorial Team

As the third Togetherness Fest concludes, we stand tall and proud of our achievement. It's amazing to see, how a relatively small event initiated by the Delhi Team three years ago, has now grown and become a Pan-India celebration. The fest is a true reflection of Hero FinCorp's culture, we play to win. It brings out the competitive spirit in us - to perform better than our opponents or to better our previous best. Whichever team may win, the fest helps foster some of our most highly regarded ideals and beliefs of morality and ethics. It allows each individual to bring out their best, push harder, rise to the challenge. At Hero FinCorp its never an 'I Win' but a 'We Win' attitude, making us all winners!

The Fest is an opportune time for teammates operating in different departments or locations to forge bonds and friendships. It also allows us to bring together the driving forces of our lives - our families. We get to know each other at a far deeper level and form much stronger connects. Our families play a very significant role in our success, and this was acknowledged by our Jt. MD & CEO Mr. Abhimanyu Munjal. He specifically requested for a round of applause for the families, as they've stood by us during good and the not so good times, helped us do better and be stronger each passing day. He said, "Family is the ethos on which the Hero Group is built. Our team is our family and we strive hard to achieve Inclusive Development. He even referred to the company as a "billion-dollar family driven business".

The Jt. MD & CEO also congratulated all those who participated at the event, especially the winners. During the prize distribution and award ceremony he said, "If we deepen our friendships and understand our team mates, we will be a winning team with the ability to change the game! And imagine, if we replicate this thought in our daily work, we will become a force to be reckoned with in industry."

We hope that the sportsmanship spirit will continue to guide us as we work hard to achieve our targets year on year. Going forward the scope of the fest shall expand, and it would include quarterly events/ regional meets across India. We look forward to the next edition of Hero FinCorp's Togetherness Fest, and would like to conclude with this thought - "Talent Wins' Games but Teamwork Wins' Championships". Cheers to Team Hero FinCorp...

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