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30 Jan

How Can A Two-wheeler Loan Help You Earn Your Livelihood?

  • By Editorial Team


A two-wheeler can do more than just take you places. With a change in our lifestyles, a number of new avenues of employment are also opening up to keep up with these trends. A number of these jobs require the use of a two-wheeler and can help you supplement your income. It is an inexpensive and low maintenance mode of conveyance that comes with many extra benefits.

If you have been on the fence about taking a two-wheeler loan to purchase the perfect bike to suit your needs, here are a few ways a bike can help you earn your livelihood and also enable you to pay off your loan.

Reduce Travel Time

If you are not using your bike or two-wheeler for any job, you can still save a lot by using it for travel and everyday commute. Bikes and two-wheelers are fuel-efficient and do not demand high maintenance either. It helps you save time on travel, fuel and transport bills that you might have been paying otherwise. Getting two-wheeler finance is easy and most authorised dealers offer instant finance facilities. 

We all know time is money and saving time to reach your office or business can provide you with the opportunity to spend more time growing your business and less time traveling. Bikes also give you the freedom to choose your way and travel on your terms. You can use your two-wheeler for business purposes like in the case of medical representatives and enhance your earning abilities. 

Delivery service

Food and utility delivery is a growing market in India. The eCommerce boom has made it a viable source of livelihood for many. Today you can get everything from medicines to furniture, delivered right at your doorstep through the online market. Need for two-wheeler delivery agents has increased rapidly in the present times. This has opened new opportunities for bike and two-wheeler owners across the country to earn extra cash. Many two-wheeler finance companies provide finance options without any collateral at low-interest rates. 

You can be a full-time or even part-time delivery agent for these services to earn some extra cash while using your own two-wheeler. Earning some extra cash using your bike or another two-wheeler is a profitable option in the long-run. 

Bike Taxis

The demand for bike taxis is ever-growing since its introduction as a means of commuting in the country. Bike taxis are very popular among office goers who find it a cheap and quick way to commute as compared to traditional taxis. Even if you do not own a two-wheeler, getting bike finance to get yourself a two-wheeler can come in handy if you looking for a job opportunity such as this.

It gives you the freedom to choose your own working hours and decide the time you want to invest in a particular vocation. The pay-outs are good enough to help you pay off your two-wheeler loan easily. 

Farming Activities 

While the road network in different parts of the country is continuously improving, we are still a long way off from hundred percent last-mile connectivity. While all our food grows in villages, the tools required to grow those crops are not always available in the vicinity and farmers do not have a lot of options where conveyance is concerned.

In such situations, not only does having a two-wheeler help in the daily commute but also comes in handy to acquire raw materials and other necessary tools like fertilizers and pesticides from nearby towns. Many financial institutions offer subsidised bike loans at low-interest rates to farmers and small scale business units. 

A bike isn’t just a vehicle that can take you from point A to B, but also offers numerous viable business opportunities. It is an extremely useful resource if you are trying to enhance your income or simply trying to save some time while you travel to work.

If you have been looking for a reason to purchase a bike, this is all the push you need. With numerous affordable bike loans available on flexible terms, there is no reason why you should miss out on earning your livelihood using a two-wheeler.

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