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When the entire nation is staying at home in the wake of the recent Covid 19 crisis, things have changed drastically. For one thing, it has made work from home mainstream. The change from office to the home setting has also thrown several business owners, ...

Running a business is all about grabbing the opportunities that come on your way and establishing a brand name that exudes trust and quality. To be able to seize opportunities immediately and expand the business, it is important to get sufficient funds at the ...

26 Mar
  • By The Digital Street LLP (Content Curator)

Do not panic. Plan instead. That should be the mantra of businesses while preparing for a pandemic. Covid-19, as you might be already aware, has urged nations and governments to call for isolation and social distancing, which is why businesses are being ...

24 Mar
  • By The Digital Street LLP (Content Curator)

The key to having a successful financial situation is to make a reliable and realistic budget and stick to it. Creating a budget requires the critical element of listing all the expenses and categorizing them as fixed or variable. Managing a company’s budget ...

19 Mar
  • By Jetsup Holidays Pvt. Ltd (Content Curator).


To raise a small business loan from a financial institution, a business owner requires two things, a good credit score and a collateral. A collateral is important for qualifying for a small business loan. This is an asset that is pledged ...


Did You Know

Secured/ Unsecured Loan

A secured loan is a type of loan, where the debtor pledges a property, vehicle, gold or any other asset as a collateral for getting the loan. The lender can seize the collateral in case of default in such loans. In case of unsecured loans however, only the borrower's credit-worthiness is taken into account. Such loans usually require higher credit ratings and charge a higher rate of interest as well.

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